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Whose City is This? Selected Nepali poems  
Year: 2009 
Call No: 254 
Art History and Its Methods: A Critical Anthology 
Year: 1995 
ISBN: 0714829919 
Call No: REF.163 
The Power of Doubt 
Year: 2011 
Call No: EX.226 
Black White Q & A 2007-2010': Gum Cheng Yee Man Solo Art Exhibition 
Year: 2010 
ISBN 13: 9789889995959 
Call No: MON.377 
Hong Kong Art History Research Project Phase II 
Year: 2013 
Call No: REF.444 
Articulating Resistance: Art & Activism 
Year: 2012 
ISBN: 9382381015 
ISBN 13: 9789382381013 
Call No: REF.164 
U-Turn: 30 Years of Contemporary Art in China: 1978-1982 
Year: 2007 
Call No: PER.247 
Kiran's Paintings 
Year: 2003 
Call No: 316 
Consciousness and Form: Contemporary Tibetan Art 
Year: 2007 
Call No: EX.403 
Ha Bik Chuen Archive 
Year: 2019 
ISBN 13: 9789887793496 
Call No: REF.445